District of Columbia Practice Manual

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District of Columbia Practice Manual

District of Columbia Practice Manual (29th Edition)

D区执业澳博app.C. with the most trustworthy resource.

近30年来,民主党人一直在努力.C. Practice Manual has been an indispensable resource for the most current legal information and critical fundamentals for practicing law in the District of Columbia. Developed by top legal experts, you can trust the D.C. Practice Manual to help you conquer your toughest practice challenges.

Sold as a two-volume set with a complementary digital supplement, the D.C. Practice Manual includes 35 chapters providing an all-inclusive review of the law, complete with practical tools such as forms, 案例的引用, 图表, 展品, 和模板.

The 29th edition features nine-chapter updates, including these topics:

  • Finding the Law of the District of Columbia
  • 虐待及忽视儿童
  • 国内关系
  • 就业法
  • 环境法律
  • 法律道德 and Lawyer Discipline
  • 政治法律
  • 小额索偿
  • 税收

A copy of the latest edition of the D.C. Practice Manual is a must for your legal library and indispensable for any lawyer who needs the latest and most reliable legal information at their fingertips.

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“I am general counsel at a $72 million a year health care company. I handle everything that comes through the door. Because my practice is so varied, I am constantly looking at the District of Columbia Practice Manual to make sure that I am up to speed on many areas of D.C. practice: administrative law and agency practice, 高等法院, 人权, 劳动与就业, 房屋租赁, 工人的补偿, 房地产, 侵权行为, 即使是小额索赔.

As a member of six state bar associations, sometimes it is hard to keep things straight, but the Practice Manual always puts me on the right course in advising my client on how to proceed or letting opposing counsel know that I will be handling their complaint competently and confidently.”

“Working on the District of Columbia Practice Manual helped me stay up to date on the latest developments in DC employment law. I do not practice DC law as a federal employee but working on the practice manual helped prepare me to take on pro bono employment law matters in the District, 包括通过D.C. 酒吧公益中心.”